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The Probate Court governs and monitors the administration of the decedent's estates, trusts, guardianships, legal adoptions, and legal name changes. An estate administration involves the procedure to distribute and change title and ownership of property from a deceased loved one to their beneficiaries or heirs, and to pay, pursue, and satisfy claims/debts of the decedent. The probate process can be long, expensive, and complicated, and may involve great deal of paperwork.

One way to streamline the complicated probate process is to have a clear concise and current will or trust setting forth a plan of distribution, naming guardians, and selecting the trusted person to implement the terms of the plan. Additionally, the probate system establishes and monitors guardianships for disabled or incapacitated individuals and minors. When a person is no longer able to manage his or her own affairs, a guardianship may be necessary to manage either or both the personal and financial affairs of said person. Adoption proceedings establish a new child/parent relationship while terminating a prior relationship. A person may also file a petition with the probate court to change his or her name.